June 2012 Summary and July Plans.

A completely recumbent free month and it is looking like July will be the same.

Plans for July:

My main focus for July is the Calaveras TT on July 28th and as such I am going to keep the recumbents under wraps for one more month. My rather busy proposed Calendar looks something like this:

  • 5th : Putah Creek 40k : Fixed Gear Track Bike (I want to see if I can crack the hour on fixed)
  • 7th: Beat the Clock 10mTT : Trek TTX TT Bike
  • 11th: Putah Creek 10 mile : Trek TTX TT Bike
  • 14th: State Team Time Trial Champs (Looking like it will be cancelled due to lack of entries)
  • 21st: Mount Diablo Hill Climb : Road Bike. (Looking to better last year’s 6th place)
  • 25th: Putah Creek 10 mile : Trek TTX TT Bike (Final Shakedown for Calaveras)
  • 28th: Calaveras 10 mile TT : Trek TTX TT Bike.

Calaveras is a really difficult time trial course and I have never managed to crack 24 minutes on it.  I reckon to win the 35+ 4/5 I would need to do better than 23m10s.  That is a huge jump over my current personal best on the course which I did back in 2010 where I got 4th Place with 24m32s.  I am over 1 minute quicker on Putah creek in 2012 than I was back in 2010 but I am not where I hoped to be.  I have a lot of work to do before the 28th.

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