Beat The Clock 10 mile TT: Canada Road : Trek TTX

I really enjoy the Beat The Clock TT’s but don’t enjoy getting up at 5am to drive there.   At least in the month of July getting up so early gives you a chance to finish your event before the heat kicks in.  I don’t often compete in the regular bike category so I got to see some new faces. My 1 minute rider was wearing a state champions Kit so I thought I had little chance of catching him but he was  a good carrot.

There wasn’t really much wind for the race but it felt like a tailwind on the generally downhill outward leg.  I felt pretty good until I hit the small climb that resides about ½ a mile from the turn and I suffered all the way up this annoying drag to the turn itself. This section always feels hard on the way out but today it also felt hard on the way back. I noticed my pulse was about 10bpm down on my normal TT race pace but the perceived effort was high.

I pretty much ignored the Garmin for the return leg as the speed drops on the rollers can be quite demoralizing. There was definitely a headwind on the way back and I concentrated on not cooking my goose on the little climbs by keeping my cadence high. I could see that I was reeling in the State Champion guy on the uphill bits and I finally caught him on the last steep one (about 1 mile from the finish).   Unfortunately I got a bit carried away on the last climb and went deep into the red zone which was a huge mistake as the last mile was uphill into a headwind.  As I went under the freeway with about ½ mile to go I was in big trouble with no chance to recover and I was cooked.  The last 200m were horrible and I was unable to do anything to lift my speed.

Despite making a silly pacing error I still came in with a new personal best and bagged third overall in the regular bikes. My recumbent buddy  Phil Plath did an absolutely fantastic time on the Nocom recumbent to be fastest overall for the day and beat the record with a time  (22m21) that I don’t think I could ever match on the Bacchetta.  Fastest guy in my event was my Alviso Slough Strava rival Clark Foy who beat me by 13 seconds.

I think I could break into the 22 minutes bracket on this course with a better paced effort and fresher legs but it is a really hard course to judge in terms of pacing.

Results: Link

1st 23:09 Clark Foy

2nd 23:11 Hans Detlefsen

3rd 23:22 Mark King

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