It was very hot for Wednesday’s PCSD#9, probably the hottest time trial I have ever ridden and as such there were very few entries.  When I was sat on the start line my Garmin was indicating 105 degrees in the shade. It was really too hot for me and my attempts to cool off by soaking my skinsuit and helmet in ice was only partially  successful.

The outbound leg was generally tail/cross wind and I  felt pretty good considering the heat.  My pulse seemed to be about 10bpm down on normal but I am not sure if this was fatigue or the hot temperatures.  I hit the turn in 11m12s and thought  a personal best might be on the cards if I could lift the pace on the way back.  Unfortunately the return leg was much harder and it felt as if the headwind had really picked up. The heat began to take its toll with 3 miles to go and I was disappointed that there was nothing I could do to get my speed consistently up above 27MPH.  I really struggled over the last mile where my speed ebbed away to net me a 22m31s final time. Despite the harder return leg I did 11m 19s which was only 8 seconds slower than the tailwind outbound leg.

[Comparison of PCSD#9 Speed vs my personal best]

I was disappointed with my performance today and it seems as if I have plateaued  over the past few races. I was hoping to have broken into 21 minutes but it seems I am stuck in the mid 22’s.  The last two time trials I have also felt very weak over the last two to three miles which isn’t normal for me (Pulse trace below shows this).  I have 1 more PCSD before the Calaveras TT and I am hoping I see some sort of improvement as a form indicator for Calaveras.

[Comparison of PCSD#9 Pulse vs my personal best]


  • Time : 22m31s (26.85MPH)
  • Result: 6th (Still Waiting for results)
  • Winner:  Ariel Hermann:  20m46s (28.89MPH)

Link to official results

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