PCSD #10: 10 Mile TT: Trek TTX

Thankfully PCSD#10 was cooler than PCSD#9 but it was still in the 90’s. It felt pretty warm when you were stood round but not too bad once you got moving.  The Davis Wheelworks team were a little later showing up than usual and there was a unusually heavy police presence so I didn’t get to do my normal course pre-ride warm up.  What I did notice was a strong crosswind from the South that made me think twice about racing with the HED 3 front wheel. It was a real handful on the last two miles to the finish but  typically the faster you go the less you notice it so I hoped it would be better in the race.  It felt to me as if the wind was more help on the way out than on the way back.

For the race itself I didn’t notice the wind as much as during the warmup but it did make things hard in places.  I felt pretty good for the first two miles (probably a bit of a tailwind here) but struggled a bit through the Olive trees (This chip sealed section always seems to be hard both ways).  I caught two people on the way out and hit the turn in 11m19s which wasn’t such a good time for the faster leg.

As soon as left the 180 turn it felt hard so on the way back and there isn’t much to say other than I didn’t get caught by anyone or catch anyone. As a result it was a very lonely return leg which just made things that little bit harder.  My second leg was actually 18 seconds quicker despite the headwind.  I came in with a time of 22m20s which was 11 seconds better than PCSD#9  but a disappointing 14s slower than my best.  I was secretly hoping for a 21 minute time to indicate good form for Saturdays Calaveras TT so I was a little disappointed. On the other hand I was happy that my times are improving and that my wife did a great time.

Comparing my speed trace to my personal best run (6/6/2012) there are some very clear areas where I lost those 14 seconds. The pink trace is 7/25/12 and the blue my record trace 6/6/12.  From 1.8 to 2.8 where I found things really hard there is a significant dip in the speed trace.  The tailwind section is apparent around mile 4 and the corresponding headwind around mile 6.

Looking at my pulse data it looks very clear as if I did not push as hard tonight or that I was fatigued as my pulse was well down on my personal best run. I certainly felt like I was pushing hard all the way round so it is hard to correlate with my pulse trace.

Time to rest up now for the Calaveras TT.

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