2007 Catrike 700 End of an Era


I bought my Catrike back in 2007 with the dream of completing a tough double century like the Devil Mountain Double. I finally achieved that dream in 2012 and on the way to that dream I did centuries, double centuries, time trials, track racing and even a few hill climbs. Since riding the Devil Mountain Double in April I have only ridden my trike a couple of times and the fire in my belly for trikes has gone cold.

The Catrike 700 is a very fast and fun trike and I estimate I have probably done about 3000 miles on mine and most of that was in the first two years. I have decided it is time to sell as I need the garage space and funds for a new project and I have moved back to  regular bikes.

I upgraded the seat this year to the latest catrike model with pockets (old seat included), it has a 30t Rotor ring up front (amazing for climbing) and I have an updated trackrod fitted (old one included if I can find it). I put fresh Kojaks on the front before the DMD (approx 300 miles) and new BB7 brake pads. The back tire is a Michelin Krylion with about 500 miles on it. Other than that the trike is totally stock as I saw no need to upgrade such a good package.

The Catrike is in very good condition with no major paint chips or scratches.

It comes with the original flag and a load of part worn 16″ fronts if you want them.

The only thing not included is a mirror as it fell off just prior to the DMD and a car drove over it.

I am asking $1400 for the trike and I am not prepared to ship after previous bad experiences with doing this.  The trike is located in the Bay Area in Northern California USA.

email: zensurweb   at  yahoo  dot com

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One thought on “2007 Catrike 700 End of an Era

  1. Ronnie Guerra

    Still have for sale if so text 281-515-5134

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