Calaveras 10 mile TT : Masters 35+4 : 1st Place : Trek TTX

The Calaveras 10 mile TT was one of my Target events for the year. I have always wanted to win it as it is local and it is promoted by my friends at Team Fremont (My former Race team).  I felt very nervous leading up to this event as my recent practice rides on the course hadn’t been as fast as I was hoping. I started reading “The Obree Way” the night before and the chapters on mental preparation really helped me.  When the race start came I was very focussed on the task in hand.

There wasn’t much wind for the early starters but by the time I raced there was a pretty strong crosswind. The conditions were very similar to my practice run last week so I opted for a pair of tri spokes rather than the disk. The rear Hed 3 is lighter than my disk and smoother over very bumpy road. I don’t think there is much of a performance hit on a course like Calaveras and it feels better in a blustery cross wind.

The time trial itself went to plan. There were no real areas where I felt I should have gone faster although I did get held up by some leasure cyclists on the descent (I dont think I lost much time here).  I still think I could go faster on this course with more practice  but I was very pleased with my time on the day of 23m38s. This represented nearly  1 minute off my course personal best and gave me the win.  To add icing on the cake, my wife won the Womens Cat 4 too so we had a fantastic day.

Results: Masters 35+ 4

Place Racers Time Diff mph
(138) KING, Mark[Christian Cycling-Hammer Nutrion]
(00:23:38) (+00:00:00) 25.4
(137) DUNKLEY, Dave[Kovarus/Wells Fargo Racing Team]
(00:24:21) (+00:00:43) 24.6
(141) UPTON, jeff[Victory Velo Racing]
(00:24:23) (+00:00:45) 24.6
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2 thoughts on “Calaveras 10 mile TT : Masters 35+4 : 1st Place : Trek TTX

  1. Peter Borenstadt

    What is your “new project”?


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