PCSD#11. 10 Mile TT. Trek TTX

It was another hot night for PCSD#11 with strong crosswinds in the usual direction meaning that the last 2 miles would be pretty hard. The good chaps from Davis Wheelworks were a bit behind schedule so registration was a bit chaotic and although I was number 5 I didn’t get to start until around 6:15pm.  The temperature at the start according to my Garmin was 96 degrees.

I hadn’t ridden my TT bike since the Warnerville TT on the 4th which is not usually how I like to prepare for time trials but I had done some really fast road rides/races over the past couple of weeks so I felt my form was good. The Trek TTX felt great but the heat was a bit unpleasant.

The race was straightforward and I basically pushed as hard as I could. I caught several riders on the way out but did not see a single rider on the return leg.  I seemed to lose time in both directions on the Olive tree mile  but I did not feel as if I could push any harder.  The only area where I think I could have pulled back any time was the 180  turn that I overshot by about 20 feet due to there being no turn martial.

My time was 22m08s  which was my second fastest time on the course by 2 seconds. My Garmin clocked me at 22m07s so in reality it was almost exactly the same as my best time which was done before the road resurfacing. I heard several people express opinions that it was a slow night but Dave Bailey did a 19m40s which is a fantastic time (surely one of the fastest times out there).

It is fun to monitor riders that do times close to you to see if you are improving or if it was a particularly good or bad night. I regularly monitor 3 other riders and keep a track of their Putah Times. If I could just beat John Hancock I would get my sub 22 minute goal for the year :). I think I am only going to ride one more 10 mile TT this year so I hope we get a good night on the 29th.

Speed comparison With personal Best:

Pulse comparison With personal Best:

I still cant quite figure out how I managed to push that hard on the 6_6_12 p.b. ride but it looked like I set off too hard and then just hung on for grim death.


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2 thoughts on “PCSD#11. 10 Mile TT. Trek TTX

  1. Peter Borenstadt

    Mark, did you not use the shoe covers? Seems that could have been worth a couple of seconds. Also, I was looking at how you position the front skewer, seems that if it was aligned with the air flow it would cause less drag. I know, trivial details…

  2. Well spotted on the details :+). I thought it was too hot for shoe covers.

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