Continental Cyclocross Speed

My Schwalbe Marathon Racer back tire, which was giving me excellent service on my Masi single speed cyclo cross commute bike, decided to go bad this week. I was riding along when I felt a big bump on every rotation and discovered the side wall had bulged out and become deformed.  I had a quick search for cheap Cross Tires on the web and came up with a pair of Continental Cyclocross Speed’s for $50 which seemed a bargain.  I was really shocked to find these tires to be the best rolling Cross tires I have ever used and at 60 psi they give a fantastic ride. My only reservation is that they don’t seem very durable (very thin carcass) but the ride is so sublime and they feel so fast I will enjoy them while I can. I haven’t tried them off road yet so can’t comment on their grip but on tarmac they absolutely blow the Kenda Small Block 8’s away that I am using on Jake the Snake. I reckon the Kenda’s are the slowest Cross Tire I have ever ridden and these Continentals are the fastest.

The Schwalbe Marathon Racer lasted me just over 1 year after my last tire had a similar catastrophic failure. See post here

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8 thoughts on “Continental Cyclocross Speed

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  2. Dan Dvoransky

    Question to author: What tires are faster on tarmac – Continental Cyclocross Speed or Schwalbe Marathon Racer? Are there big differences?

    Have you experienced both types of tires off road?


    Nice blog.

    • Yes I have ridden both of them on fire roads and gravel levee roads. The Continental is much better off road but the Marathon is still perfectly serviceable. Neither tire was very good in wet mud but the Continentals side knobs still seem to find some traction.
      On road I don’t think there is much to separate them but the Continental does give a better ride.

  3. Hi,
    Nice blog, I came to it after searching for reviews for Continental Speed. My CX bike came with more like off-road tires and having mud crampons doesn’t help me a lot on paved roads. I also use it more for commuting and sometimes going to gravel roads or forest paths. I don’t know what to choose between Schwalbe Marathon Racers/Supreme or Continental Speed. I don’t want to loose grip on dirt but I don’t want to drag on streets either.
    Since you had both could you please tell me how they compared, on pavement and on gravel? I have the chance to get the Continentals for half the price of Schwalbes but money is not top priority if one of them is really good over another.
    I would be grateful for your comments,

    • If you are mixing up dirt and street I would definitely go for the Continental. Let me know how you find them if you try them out.
      Great Video of the Continental Speeds in action

  4. I would have to say that I think the Continentals are a far superior tire both on and off road. I was initially concerned that the Continentals had a delicate casing but this suppleness translates into a much nicer road feel. I don’t have any scientific data for which is the fastest tire but on the road there is not much to separate them and the Continental wins out when the pavement is poor. Continental is much better on gravel roads.
    I fitted these tires in August 2012 and now 8 months later they are still going strong. The front tire shows almost no signs of wear and the rear still has many miles left in it.

  5. Well, thank you for your feedback. I may actually try them since I found them for half of their price.
    Thank again and goodluck with your blog

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