PCSD #12 10 Mile TT : Trek TTX

I was sure that tonight was going to be the night that I finally broke the 22 minute barrier on Putah Creek. It was a little hotter than I like  but the winds were light so I thought this meant personal bests were there for the taking.  It was also my last planned PCSD of the year (due to an extended business trip) and as such I was very motivated.

The race went without incident and I felt like I had ridden as hard as I could but my time was only 22m14s. I was very disappointed to have gone 6 seconds slower (rather than the 9 seconds faster that I was aiming for) than PCSD#11.  Comparing my time to my race markers it looks like it was a harder night than #11.  John Hancock went back 10 seconds and Richard Coyle went back 7 seconds, so my 6 seconds looks like a pointer to a challenging night all round. It turns out that you need a little wind in your face on Putah on the outward leg to get a good time (or at least I do).

Mark King 0:22:06 0:22:36 0:22:32 0:22:31 0:22:20 0:22:08 0:22:14
Molly VanHouweling 0:22:13 0:22:26 0:22:19 DNS 0:22:19 DNS 0:22:31
John Hancock DNS 0:22:26 0:22:14 0:22:10 0:22:09 0:21:56 0:22:06
Richard Coyle 0:22:52 DNS 0:22:30 0:22:32 0:22:50 DNS 0:22:39


Rather than brood on not achieving my goal of sub 22 minute for 2012 it has given me renewed enthusiasm to train differently for 2013.  This season I spent a good part of the spring training without a real focus and mixing up endurance racing, recumbents and time trials on various strange machines. Strangely enough it was a top recumbent racer that privately suggested to me that if I wanted to succeed I need to concentrate on regular bikes or recumbents. I chose regular bikes and had my best year ever for time trials but it has become obvious to me that I really need to work on my FTP in the off season.

According to the bike calculator program I am around 10 watts off my target Power to be able to crack 22 minutes. My winter goal is to improve my FTP by at least 25W.


There are a few interesting humps where my speed from 6/6/12 was significantly faster and an interesting hump at approx 7 miles where tonight was quicker. The dip at 8 miles on this evenings trace was when a Tomato truck came blasting past the other direction and it was like hitting a wall of air.


I was beginning to think the 6/6/12 pulse trace was a bit freaky as I haven’t seen numbers like it since then.  Tonight’s trace showed that I was working every bit as hard as I did on that night when I did my personal best.  It looks like I set off a bit soft and then went a little too hard at mile 3. It also looks like I didn’t push as hard as I could have from mile 7 as I seemed to have a little too much left in the last sprint to the line.  Generally speaking the two traces are pretty similar. My pulse actually hit 187 coming into the line.

I hope tonight’s TT helps me for the Warnerville TT on Sunday which is a bit longer (18 miles) and on a rolling course.


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4 thoughts on “PCSD #12 10 Mile TT : Trek TTX

  1. Peter Borenstadt

    Mark, A power meter would definitely help with the training and the TT pacing. I’ve been eyeing those Garmin Vectors…

  2. Tim Turner

    yeah, I say sell a bike and get power. It’s a HUGE eye opener, if nothing else.

  3. I have been eyeing up the Garmin solution too. I wonder when they will release it. The guy that developed it “Clark Foy” rides the Alviso Slough course that I often ride of a lunch time but I can never manage to hook up with him to chat about it.

  4. Peter Borenstadt

    I believe the Garmin Vectors have been officially released around August 20th. Approx. $1,500. Not all of the Garmin head units have the capability to show individual leg power. Apparently there is no problem with crank length, because they directly measure force, not torque, so these should be of interest to the recumbent crowd.

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