Adventures on Gravel

Inspired by the Website “Gravel Grinders”  and the gravel racing in other states I went in search of some local gravel roads today. There are lots of fire roads in my area but not exactly a lot of actual gravel highway. A quick search on Google Earth found two roads pretty close to each Other near Farmington so I went off on an adventure.

Carter Road (Gravel Bit to Milton Road):

Carter Road starts off pretty much like a text book Gravel road but gets a little rough on the first section and then becomes a hard clay road.  I can only imagine how impassible this road would be after some rain.   It is not the most scenic of roads and has lots of stuff dumped along it like old tires and TV sets.

Length : 2.3 Miles

Carter Road – West to East Strava Segment

Dunton Road: Between Milton Road and Highway 4.

Dunton Road is a much more scenic gravel road with roller coaster like elevation changes and some pretty nicely graded gravel. It suffers a bit from wash boarding (especially at the Highway 4 end) and the gravel is pretty deep and golf ball sized in parts. It also has some slippery sandy sections thrown in for good measure.  I really enjoyed this section of road and it is a great shame it is only 3.5 miles long. The road ends at highway 4 which is totally unsuitable for cycling (no shoulder, blind crests  and very fast traffic) so this means you have to ride it both ways which makes it 7 miles of Dirt Road goodness.

The Start of Dunton road in the West to East Direction

The Road Surface at the beginning is pretty nicely graded with no washboard

Nice Clear river at the Half Way point

River, Well graded Gravel, Rolling hills and Orchard – Bliss!! (Return Leg)

The washboard doesn’t show up in the picture but you can feel it

Length : 3,5 Miles

It looks like I am the only Strava user to ride this road which is a real shame.

I finished off the ride with the badly paved Rock Creek road between Milton and Copperopols which is bumpier than either of the two gravel roads .

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