November 2012 Summary and Beyond

November was a funny old month where I was planning on hitting the indoor trainer big time in order to work on my power but my trainer (Lemond Revolution with Power Pilot) decided to pack in working. After some considerable effort I eventually found that “Lemond Fitness” had been sold and that at the present time there was no technical support available.   This was a huge blow to me as in December I was planning to start my 8 week program from my new internet coach in the UK.

Quote from the friendly people at “Hoist Fitness”

We just acquired LeMond fitness about a month ago, and the Power Pilot, along with their Revolution Trainer, were not items that we acquired along with LeMond Fitness. A new company will be taking over those items in the near future and they will be able to give you further instruction. If you would like to check back in a few weeks, I might be able to give you more information on the company that you can contact as we do not have that information at this time.

November also saw me return to my old racing team “Team Fremont”  so in 2013 I will be riding in some swanky new team kit.  There are some real good riders in Team Fremont and they are a great bunch of people too so I am really looking forward to next season.

Distribution of Bikes in November 2012

As of  today (December 16th) I have a new indoor trainer power setup.  I am still using my old Raleigh race bike but  with a Kurt Trainer and Powertap rear wheel.  After the horrendous noise my old Lemond Revolution made the Kurt Fluid trainer is quiet as a mouse.  I am not convinced the fluid trainer feels as road like as the Revolution did but it still feels good.

Raleigh 653 Race bike with the new trainer setup.

This Raleigh bike is the same one I set my personal best for 10 miles and 25 miles many years ago. The setup was similar to what it has now but  back then I used a different saddle, it was 7 speed and for wheels I used a Campagnolo Shamal front wheel and disk cover in the back.  It is a sign of old age that even with my high tech carbon TT bike I cant get close to my old best 10 mile TT time on this beast. I wonder if in 2013 I will finally be able to beat my old personal best.

After never having a coach in my 30 years of racing I decided to try one out for 8 weeks for the 2013 season. I am following a program devised by Flamme Rouge to boost my threshold power as I think it is poor FTP  that is holding me back in the time trials.  I have had numerous correspondences with the coach and he seems a really nice guy.  The program is radically different from what I would normally do at the start of the season and to be honest I am a little concerned that it might not work.

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