How Much Does Your Cross Bike Weigh?

Never mind all the online  claims of bike weights without pedals and stuff. What does a real world cross bike actually weigh ?

I am lucky enough to have 3 cross bikes that perform the roll of commuter, adventure bike and fast paced road bike.

Masis Speciale SSCX (Steel)

I ride the Masi to work most days and ride it on the dirt levee trails quite regularly. It is one of my favorite bikes and it has never seen a cross race. Being made from Steel it feels pretty heavy but the scales show it as a pretty respectable 22.3 pounds.

Masi Single Speed Steel Frame

Kona Jake The Snake (Aluminium)

Out of my 3 Cross bikes, Jake is the only one that has seen any service as Cross bike. Lately it has been used as a bad weather commuter and lunchtime Levee ride machine. It rides great and with Continental Speed CX tires it absolutely flies on the dirt. I have done the the odd race team road ride on it and even ridden over Mount Hamilton but it is happier off road.  I am looking to replace Jake for a disc brake cross bike.  It is testament to Kona’s build quality that after a quick wash and polish the bike looks like new. It weighs in at 22 pounds.

Jake The Snake

Salsa Chili Con Crosso (Scandium)

I originally bought the Salsa as an endurance machine and even rode the “Death Ride” on it. Despite the Scandium tubing and carefully shaped tubing I found it to be too aggressive as a 200 mile  road bike and it was put back into service as a cross bike.  It did work well as a gravel bike on the 100 mile “Tainthammer” so I think it has definite gravel bike tendencies.  I still do road rides on it and even manage to keep up on the local noon hammerfest (using 28c road tires) but this winter I hope to ride some cross races. It is no surprise that this beast is the lightest in my stable. It weighs in at 19 pounds

Salsa with 28c Road Tires

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