Clement LAS second impressions

I have about 200 miles on the tires now and that has been roughly 25% Dirt 75% Tarmac. They roll really well on Tarmac and give a magic carpet ride but I don’t think they are quite as fast as the Continental Speed CX’s.   I have done a few fast group rides and had no trouble keeping up with this monster rubber.  The only time they really feel a bit draggy is on out of the saddle efforts.  On hard packed dirt these tires really fly and they grip well too. The generous sized casing helps soak up bumps and I found 60 psi to work really well on both dirt and road (very handy for mixed terrain rides).

All is not perfect in the Clement camp however and today highlighted a few chinks in their armor.  I rode today a some trails with lose dust and gravel and had a few scary front end washouts. By the end of the ride my confidence in the their grip in such conditions was seriously blunted. I think the Continental Speed CX’s work much better.  My other big concern is that after 200 miles the tread on the back tire is showing serious signs of wear.  I dont think these are an every day adventure tire like the Speeds (still good after 1000 miles).

100f and very dusty trails

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