Breathing Life Into an Old Garmin

The SRAM “QuickView” Garmin mount is such a fantastic idea. The old Garmin 305/705’s  had a nasty mount that was fragile and always seemed to end up breaking off the release tabs when it wasn’t convenient. A broken Tab meant that you had to fiddle around with a screwdriver to get your Garmin off your bike which was no fun. This meant that I had a Garmin 305 and a 705 that pretty much sat round gathering dust since I got the 500 with it’s fancy 1/4 turn mount.

SRAM QuickView with a trusty old 305

SRAM came up with a fantastic cheap adaptor that allows you to use your 305/705 on the newer 1/4 turn mounts. Once mounted to your 305/705 there is no need to ever worry about the fragile tabs again.

QuickView Computer Mount Adaptor

The mount is very easy to use and only adds around 5mm of stack height to the installation.  It seems that the 305/705 is actually held more securely than the original mount and it installs and removes as good as any 500. This has to get my vote for best product in 2013.

Garmin 305 on my Masi commute bike

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