Clement X’Plor MSO 120 TPI Adventure Tire aka “Fat Tires For The Tainthammer”

Not only is this years Tainthammer longer than last year but it also has a lot more dirt and rough roads.  I am currently running Continental Speed CX’s on the Vijae but after reading reports of just how rough things were going to get I decided I needed some new tires. After much searching I finally decided upon  a pair of 40c Clement X’Plor MSO 120 TPI Adventure Tires. All the reviews I have read for these tires say they roll really well and that they have a real smooth ride when the going gets rough.

Clement X’Plor MSO 120 TPI Adventure Tires

I was expecting these tires to be pretty heavy and somewhere around 485g each but was pleasantly surprised to see them weigh in at only 360g or do they………

First Tire I weighed was a very impressive 360 grams

When I weighed the second tire I was pretty surprised to see it was 30g heavier (checked and double checked). That does not bode well for manufacturing tolerances.

I decided to put the heavier tire on the back as i assumed it had beefier rubber.

Fitting these tires was an absolute doddle on the Volagi E7 rims. I would have concerns that they may be a little loose for a tubeless setup but that is something for the future.  I don’t want to start messing round with tubeless before the Tainthammer  as I don’t have many spare days to try these tires out before the event.

According to the label on the sidewall, the minimum pressure for these tires is supposed to be 55psi.  I am going to have to experiment with pressures but that sounds a little high to me for a tire with such a large volume.

Fit Nicely on the Stock Volagi rims

The tread pattern looks like it will work well off road and these tires as supposed to be pretty fast on road too.

Quite an aggressive tread pattern

Mud clearance on the Vijae:

(Pictures Taken before riding with 55PSI)


Fork Clearance

Seat Stay

Seat Stay Clearance

Chain Stay

Chain Stay Clearance

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