Tainthammer 2014

It was muddy.  It was very muddy.

Before the Race with my team mate John in the background

I opted for a rear mud guard (fender) for the event and I am glad I did.

Riders Lining Up for the Start

There was all manner of bikes signed up for the event but you have to feel sorry for the guy on the Cervelo road bike with 23mm tires and close clearances. I dont know how he managed to finish if he did.

Batman on A Bike

I rode with Batman for a while through one of the nastiest sections of the course. We took a wrong turn and had a miserable mud fest treck to get back on track. I think single speed was the best idea for the day.

Only half my gears were functioning from about 3/4 of the way through the event.

The mud took a terrible mechanical toll on bikes.  My Volagi survived but half the gears were skipping through lodged pebbles in the cassette (required dis-assembly to get these rocks out)

Things That worked well:

  • The Disks had no trouble with the conditions
  • The rear end was nice and smooth
  • The 40c tires were a godsend in the slippery mud.

The bike survived

Things that didn’t work so well:

  • Shimano 11 speed
  • Front end harshness. Even with 40c tires the front end of the Volagi really beats you up.  I have tried riding the Volagi and my Salsa CX bike on the same rough trail to confirm my suspicions and the Volagi isn’t the magic carpet ride I thought it was.


Middle of the field of the 130 mile Finishers

Mens 130 Mile Results (finishers)


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