First Race : Project 72

Monday :

I got my new Wabi bike on Monday night and it will form the basis for “Project 72” (Beating 25MPH for 40K in the style of 1972). The bike was very well packed for shipping with the only issue being the back wheel was slightly buckled upon first inspection.  It didn’t very long to assemble the bike and then I spent a couple of hours dialing in the same position as my Specialized road bike. The bike with front brake, two brake levers, flip flop cog and pedals weighed in at 18 pounds exactly. Unfortunately it was too dark to go for a proper test ride.


I finally finished setting up the Wabi Lightning SE and took it for its first ride on Tuesday night after work.  My first impressions were that it rode really nice and I immediately felt comfortable on it. I tried a few time trial efforts and in comparison to my felt TK3 track bike it felt a bit sluggish (especially out of the saddle efforts) but it also felt more stable. Once up to speed there was little to choose between the two bikes although I felt the Kenda Kosmic Lite tires felt a little dead.

After about 30 minutes of riding I increasingly felt unhappy with the shape of the bars and these are something I am going to have to change out.  I am also going to up the bar and stem size to 31.8 in order to give the front end a bit more stiffness for out of the saddle efforts. The unbranded saddle turned out to be pretty comfortable.

Wednesday: Putah Creek #7  10 Mile TT:

Putah Creek TT “Merckx” style

I made a last minute decision to ride the 10 mile TT (16k) near Winters on what turned out to be a pretty hot night (99 Degrees when we got there). I got in a pretty good warmup and my position felt quite comfortable with the exception of a bit of finger numbness. I felt slow compared to the other people warming up on their fancy TT bikes but I was glad I had no aero helmet as it was roasting hot.

My goal was to achieve 25.1MPH and a time of less than 24 minutes as this would reflect the same speed I would need to do to achieve my 40K goal. Despite pushing really hard I only achieved a speed of approx 24MPH.  The official time has not been posted at the time of writing but my Garmin reckoned 24m59s.

This means I have a lot of work to do if I am to fulfill “Project 72”. I need to find another 1 MPH and keep that going for an extra 24 kilometers. From the photograph above I can immediately spot  one thing that is holding me back. My jersey is flapping with the wind and billowing at the front. The back and shoulders look really good but up front things are in a sorry state. I am not exactly sure what I can do to fix this. I have a much tighter Castelli road vest I could wear but I really want to wear my team kit.

I also feel I can get some extra speed by swapping out the Kenda’s for some higher quality race rubber and latex tubes so after the race that is exactly what I did. I also went out of my way to get retro looking tire walls.  My tires of choice are:

“Vittoria Open Corsa SC  : Pro peloton’s favorite in 2012, Corsa SC enhances the all-conquering Corsa CX with the features specifically asked for by professional cycling teams, and a new tread. It’s now our leading 320 TPI Cotton tires clincher, hand-made of course, and available with traditional para sidewall for classic looks.  A true connoisseur’s choice.”


Vittoria Open Corsa SC rubber

The bike looks even more retro now

“Project 72”

I will try the new rubber out on Sunday in the Dunlap memorial 30K TT. I am hoping to beat 24MPH for the 30K (46m30s).

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