PCSD 40K Time Trial : Wabi Lightning SE (48 x 15 Fixed).

I got up at 5am to go to work so I could finish earlier to drive to Dixon for the Davis Wheelworks TT.  I felt incredibly  tired all day at work and the commute to Dixon was horrendous but after a 20 minute power nap when I got there I felt fine  After my coach’s comments that I was overdoing the warmups in the Californian summer heat I did less of of a warm up than usual but felt better for it. A 20 minute warmup including the first 5 minutes at “village policeman pace”  and three race pace 1 minute efforts seems to work well for me.

The wind was completely different to the Dunlap TT with a Pretty strong headwind out rather than a crosswind. I would hazard to guess that the wind was from the West (Dunlap it was from the North).  The  temperature was much nicer too with the mercury hovering in the mid eighties.

My tactics was to push really hard into the wind out to the turn and then recover a bit on the spinning tailwind return.  I touched over 30MPH with the tailwind into the finish which equated to 120RPM plus.  I don’t think I am particularly efficient at this pedaling speed but the Wabi was absolutely zinging on the Vittoria tires and latex tubes.

I think 48×15 was about right for me tonight.  I did feel overgeared into the wind and undergeared with it on my back but I don’t think i could have pushed anything bigger into that wind without cooking my legs.

Hammering Into the Wind


  • Leg 1: 10k [16m43s]
  • Leg 2: 10k to 20k [14m26s]
  • First 20k [31m09s]
  • Leg 3 : 20k to 30k [17m18s]
  • Leg 4: 30k to 40k [14m09s]
  • Last 20k: [31m27s]
  • Overall : [1h02m36s*] * Official times still have not been Posted

The split times clearly show the impact of the wind. Legs 1 and  3 into the headwind were really hard but there was a good payback on the final leg which resulted in a time that gave a very close 20K split (18 seconds slower than the first). An 18 seconds difference between the first and second split shows a big improvement for me as on all my other Putah 40k’s I have has a much worse differential.  My best time on 48 x 15 fixed on my Felt TK3 with aero bars, skinsuit and aero helmet was 59m52s so I am 2m42s slower Merckx style.

Comparison of “Aero” (7/5/12) vs “Non-Aero” (6/11/14) 48×15 fixed.

Average Speed = 23.8MPH * Final speed to be confirmed

This means I was 1.2MPH down on my “Project 72” goal.  The Wabi felt really good and I don’t think there is anything I could do to make things faster.  The bike was unchanged from the Dunlap TT on Sunday. Perhaps upping the gearing to 50 x 15 might help but there is a big risk if the wind was a strong as it was tonight. I am trying different road helmets to see if any are a bit faster which might net some speed. The trouble is I have no idea if the Kask or the Specialized S works is faster as there is no perceptable difference on the bike. Back in 72  there were no helmets so the goal here is to make me as fast with a helmet as I would be without one. 1.2MPH is quite a goal for improvement 🙂

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