Red Kite Tempus Fugit TT – Merckx Category (3rd Place), M35+ 3/4 (1st Place)

Comparison of Aero to Merckx Fixed:

Although I was more fatigued for the second run (Fixed) I was also probably better warmed up.  My legs actually felt pretty good after about 2 miles.

Aero vs Fixed Non-Aero

The Trek TTX advantage can clearly be seen even after 1 mile but the slope really become dramatic on the downhill return leg. From the 4.5 mile point to the turnaround there is not much difference between the two traces. It looks like the Wabi SE actually pulled back a bit of time at around 6.5. miles but it is because had to back off to avoid a Turkey on the Trek here.


Speed : Purple Trace : Trek TTX. Blue Trace Wabi Fixed.

Very clearly quicker on the Trek just about everywhere.


Pulse : Purple : Trek TTX. Blue Wabi Fixed

I dont know what to make of this trace. Looking at it you would think I didn’t try as hard on the fixed but that is certainly not how it felt.  You certainly cant push as hard on the downhills.


I was the only one daft enough to ride fixed gear on this hilly course but the Wabi Lightning SE felt fantastic. I chose a 48×15 gear which meant at times I was hitting in excess of 120RPM (30MPH+).  Cornering at 30MPH+ whilst pedaling at 120RPM plus was a bit wild.  I was unavoidably over-geared on the way out and under-geared on the way back but it was a blast. Even with gears I really doubt I could have beaten Chris Evans.


  1. Chris EVANS (27:37)
  2. Sascha MESSNER (28:34)
  3. Mark KING (28:41)


Merckx Category (48 x15 fixed) – Photo by Katie Trong


Masters 35+ 3/4:

I am a bit of a wimp on the bumpy fast downhills and reckon I lose some time but I still managed to equal my p.b.


  1. Mark KING (26:52)
  2. Rick LAWTON (27:37)
  3. Richard NICHOLS (27:34)

M35+ 3/4 (Photo by Katie Trong)

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