Welch Creek Climb

Top of Welch Creek Climb

Welch Creek is a famous climb in Northern California and one of the hardest. I have only ever ridden it once before and that was on my mountain bike for a Low Key Hill Climb back in 2007.  I remember it being hard but not that much worse than Sierra Road. I wasn’t in great shape and came in in a lowly 55/60.

Me Racing LKHC on Welch Creek back in 2007

Welch Creek is back into the LKHC series for 2014 so I thought I had better go check it out. Today was supposed to be a recovery day so I chose my hard tail 29’er mountain bike for it’s low gearing.  It turned out that no matter how low your gearing is you cant do a recovery ride on that hill. It is an absolute monster and well deserves it’s fearsome reputation.  I went up it 5m47s quicker today than I did in 2007 with an average heart rate of 154 (2014) vs 178 (2007).  I do OK on climbs up to 6% but beasts like this one do not suit me.

View From The Top


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2 thoughts on “Welch Creek Climb

  1. Todd N.

    Well, that was you this morning!
    Welch Creek is tough; you recover on the 10% sections and just when you think you’re done there’s another 18%-20% section. And beware of over-heating your brakes on the way down. I have discs on my road bike.

  2. I blew out a front tire on the descent in 2007 which was a big scare. Even my mountain bike disks were squealing a bit today after encountering a few cars on blind turns.

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