Sattley Time Trial (NCNCA TT Championships) Planning

After the somewhat disastrous National Championships at Loyalton I came away with a few things I need to work on in the short two weeks before the district championships:

  • I need to have a bottle on my bike.  The dry hot air at altitude makes 40K without a bottle a really bad idea for me.
  • I need to be comfortable for an hour on the bike
  • I need to sort out my hip/IT band  issues*
  • I need to sort out my saddle related problems

There is not much I can do in terms of training and stretching that would make my current TT setup effective for Satley in just two weeks.  In the same way there is no point in being super aero if I am so uncomfortable after 20 miles that I can’t stay on the aero bars. With this in mind I am going to work on a position that is comfortable that I can adapt to in a very short time period and one that opens up my hip angle.  I can put out some great power and speed on my current setup for 10 miles but that is no help over 25 miles.

*After some searching on the web I am convinced that what happened to me at The National 40K  was that my Tensor fascia latae muscles were utterly exhausted or cramping.  The hip pain I was experiencing was exactly in the areas shown in the diagram below.  This is all related to IT band issues so If I fix one I should fix the other.

With respect to the Specialized Power saddle I was so unhappy with it that I was going to sell it but after doing much research on line It seems that the nose up aspect of the UCI position is one of the main problems.  Satley does not require the horizontal (nose to Tip) requirement so I can setup the saddle as intended by the manufacturer.  I only hope this will fix the annoying saddle sores this saddle keeps giving me but I still feel it is the width that is causing many of the problems.

So far only one rider is signed up in the 45-49 age group but he is listed as “Team BMC” which means he has to be really fast. I am not so bothered about my position at Satley but my goal is to beat 57 minutes and to finish in a state where I can still walk 🙂

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