Fiddling With my TT position. 1 Week to State Champs

This week I have ridden my TT bike almost every day and apart from today I have changed some aspect of my position. I have made some huge progress over my nationals setup and my shoulders now feel much more relaxed and my saddle doesn’t tear up my nether regions like a grinder. My saddle is slightly lower, my bars are about an inch higher and my aero bars are a bit wider apart (still not convinced the Specialized Power Expert is the saddle for me).

I feel like i am not as aerodynamic and that I am not putting out the same power but I do feel much more comfortable.  I rode for an hour today in the TT position and got no sores and my IT band problems were thankfully absent so that was a huge win. I don’t really have any benchmarks to compare speed and power in the new position, as I have felt very run down since the 40k, but it is too late to fiddle around with stuff anymore.  In the off season I am going to get a professional TT bike fit but for the remaining TT’s I will stick with what I have.

What’s left in terms of TT’s for 2015:

  • State 40k TT champs (Satley, CA): Flat course at a pretty high Altitude (approx 5000ft) which I seem to have some issues with.
  • Beat The Clock 16k (Woodside, CA) ????: Possible date Change means I might be able to ride this. Currently the same date as Satley.
  • Warnerville TT 35k:  Sporting course with poor roads, railroad crossings, nasty heat, plagues of locusts and an evil uphill finish. I hope to reverse the trend of the last two years where I have gone slower and slower.
  • Esparto TT: 30K: Mixture of a flat to rolling course. Another TT where I seem to go slower every year. Ridden in 2012 and 2013 but missed it last year as it clashed with Tempus fugit.
  • Tempus Fugit Summer 18k: I won this one last year but in the spring version in 2015 i was well off the pace. Only concern is that it is the day after the Bodie Bowl Fat Bike race. I hope the fat bike race and the long drive back doesn’t destroy my legs too much.
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