Low Key Hill Climbs 2015

The events have been announced for the 2015 Low Key Hill climb season and there is an unprecedented number of them that I have never ridden before.

  1. 3rd October – Montebello
  2. 10th October – Page Mill (Never Ridden Before)
  3. 17th October – Alba Road (Never Ridden Before)
  4. 24th October – Mill Creek (Never Ridden Before)
  5. 31st October – Purisima Creek Trail (Never Ridden Before)
  6. 7th November – Bohlman (Never Ridden Before)
  7. 14th November – OLH (Never Ridden Before)
  8. 21st November – Mount Charlie
  9. 26th November – Mount Hamilton

I plan on racing 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 on my Wabi Classic All Steel Single Speed. I also plan on pre-riding all the “Never Ridden” climbs just to figure out an appropriate gear,

Some New Wheels From Wabi have shed some weight from the Classic

Round 5 is off road and i may ride it on my single speed CX commute bike but I am undecided on this. Also thinking I could convert an old MTB to single speed.

Picture from Low Key Website

Round 9 is totally unsuitable for single speed and I would be so slow that my time would be a joke. There are some significant flat and fast sections and two big down hills. If i geared up for the flats I would destroy me knees on the final 6 miles of 6.0%. Undecided about this one.

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