New Tires For The Volagi and Stroke

Since I last posted here over a year a go I have not been a well man.  I had a stroke after the Mt Tam hill climb and ended up in hospital for 7 months.  I  am back riding now but I am very slow and don’t push myself too hard.  I am doing around 150 miles per week but I am riding rather than training and take a massive kicking whenever the road points up. My wife has been a treasure and for that I forgive her for all the half wheeling since I got back on the bike. I don’t know if I ever will race again and I have vowed not to shave my legs until I can hang on on the climb on the IC3 Sunday morning run.

Looking at my power meter data since I got back on the bike for the last 3 months I have lost over 100W of ftp.  It feels worse that that and I really suffer on hills although I never feel well enough to give it 10/10.

I decided to try some challenge tires out on the Volagi. They were on awesome sale online so how could I resist.  I have been running Vittoria Open Pave for the last 1000 miles and they are looking pretty cut up so it is time for a change. I have’nt ridden them yet but hope they wont be too sluggish on the road. Riding Impressions to follow.


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2 thoughts on “New Tires For The Volagi and Stroke

  1. Mark, really glad to see you are back riding! I’ve enjoyed the blog about your adventures over the years and could not believe it when I heard about the stroke last year. Wondering if you care to share any info on how an athlete as fit as yourself gets a stroke?

  2. Doctors don’t know why it happened so it just goes to show you should enjoy every day like it was your last. It was a stroke in my Cerbellum

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