New Tire Impressions


And a Marky in a pear Tree (Prickly)…..

I have about 100 miles on the Challenge Gravel Grinders now (80% road/ 20% dirt) and I have to say I am impressed.  The tires roll very fast on roads and hard packed dirt and they give a silky smooth ride.  I am running them at 45psi and that doesn’t give a hint of sluggishness but it smooths out road imperfections extremely well.  Their performance on hard packed dirt is also really good.  The Vijae feels like it was built for these tires and it does wonders at taming the overly stiff front end.

From the seat of the pants I would say these tires roll as fast as a 23-25 road tire but I have noticed that my wife pulls away from me on every down hill on her road bike.  There must be some drag but when riding you really don’t notice it.

It has not all been good news as I got a flat after only 60 miles from a darn goats head. One of the dangers at riding off piste at this time of the year.

Review of the Tires on “Riding The Gravel”

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One thought on “New Tire Impressions

  1. 440 miles on these tires now and I am still really impressed. I have probably done 90% road miles in both wet and dry conditions and I am consistently surprised how fast they feel. I wanted to get a pair for my wifes gravel bike but “biketires direct” don’t stock them any more. I have seen them online for $116 which is outrageous when I paid only $35 for them.

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