2017 Cycling Season

I didn’t think I would ever race again after my stroke but I have found the urge to do something competitive in 2017. I don’t feel up to competing in road races but I have a plan to have a go at a few TT’s.  My other issue is my balance and as such I don’t think I will be able to ride on tri-bars so I will TT on my Merckx style fixed gear bike


A goal would be to try to beat the hour for a 25 Mile TT in this 1970’s style setup.  This is very much a stretch goal as I am probably only 2/3 fitness nowadays and my previous best on the Wabi for 25 miles was 1:02:36.  I think beating 1h10 would be a major achievement. I am planning to have some sort of power meter setup on the fixed for next season.  I had an FTP of around 340W when I did that time but no power meter so no way of knowing exactly what the power was.  I estimate my current FTP is approx 240W so I have a lot of work to do.

My max pulse has also dropped by 10bpm so I will need to adjust my TT pacing.  I  plan on attempting the hour on the Loyalton TT course which is pretty flat but I dont think it is as fast as Putah Creek. I have only ridden the course once on my TT bike and found it was horrible but I think it suits fixed (providing the wind isn’t too strong).

Next year I will be back riding for IC3.

There are hardly any suitable events in California anymore but here is my provisional list:

March 26th: Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Spring)


 May 29th : RKO#7 – Memorial Day Classic Stage Race and Omnium – Calaveras Time Trial


 June 11th : Loyalton Time Trial (State Champs ???????)


 July 22 : RKO#11 – Crossfire Hurricane Hill Climb Challenge


 Aug 20 : RKO#15 – Tempus Fugit Individual TT 


 Sep 9th : Mt Diablo Hill Climb TT


 Sep 16th : Esparto Time Trial – VP#20 CC#9




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2 thoughts on “2017 Cycling Season

  1. sevencyclist

    There’s always the Beat the Clock TT done just north of Woodside, on Canada Rd. I’ve done it once, but it’s not that long … I mean I did it in 30 min. You’d probably do it in 20 🙂

  2. I am the fixed gear record holder on there (back when I was fit). 24m50 s. I might do some in 2017 if they have them. Also thinking of trying the glory hole TT’s.

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