Power Pod Woes

I have ridden several times with the power pod and the readings didn’t feel to me as if they were stacking up with my other power meters. On one interval it looked spot on to me but over the complete ride the data just didn’t look good.  I also experienced the thing draining the battery away in storage so twice I ended up doing rides with no power.

When  the manufacturers announced a firmware upgrade with better accuracy I felt compelled to try it out (6.2.1). The first ride out after selecting the better accuracy is supposed to be a cal ride but no matter what I tried the pod just wouldn’t work. It just flashed green and red and sat at 50W no matter what I did. In the end I left it until the battery died and tried to upload the software again.

The next ride the calibration process actually worked.  You ride out until the power meter reads 50 then stop. You then turn round and ride until the meter reads 100 and the cal is supposedly complete. Unfortunately the data I got after this calibration was total junk and the power was over reading considerably. I saw over 600W when I was probably around 250W.  I rode around for over an hour like this in the hope that it would sort itself out but it never did.

I have tried the calibration many times now and I still cant get consistent results,  It is not unusual to be riding down hill or with a tailwind and the thing to be reading 400+W.  I ride a lot of with a Stages power meter and/or power tap so I have a pretty good feel for wattage and my power pod just seems to be random. I have to admit I am very disappointed with it and wish I could get my money back.

I have contacted the manufacturer for their help and they were very quick to respond so I feel bad saying bad things about the power pod but I will wait to see if they can sort me out. Fingers crossed.


Example ride from today on the above bike.  Storming tail wind on the way out. Notice down hill spinning at 100RPM and the power meter reckons I am doing 529W.


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