RKO#14 – Tempus Fugit Individual TT (Summer August 20th) – Thoughts

It is two months till the Cull Canyon TT and I want to do as well as possible in it.  I am planning to ride the Merckx Category on my Wabi Single Speed Fixed bike.  Even when I was fit I couldn’t challenge for the top spot in this category with the fixed gear bike.  The climbing nature of the course is not ideal for fixed.  It is a real drag on the way out and it is very easy to spin out on the way back.  I love the challenge of riding fixed no matter what the disadvantages are.  If it was a stonking tail wind out it would really help the fixed but it never is. My best time on fixed on the way out is 16m32s (20.5MPH) which is within 1 minute of my best time on the TT bike.  It is an uphill slog to the turn and my average pedal revs are around 80RPM.  The return is mostly down hill with a few tight corners and my best is 12m02s (27.0MPH) which is around 1 minute slower than the TT bike again.  This represents 108RPM which is pretty fast.  I am really surprised the TT bike isn’t much faster on the return leg (must have been a favorable wind when I did it on the fixed)

Since my stroke, my FTP is around 100W down on my best so I can’t expect to beat my P.R. but I would really like to beat 30 Minutes.  My 20 minute power was around 346W prior to the stoke an is around 226W now. I do seem to be getting a bit faster and can keep up on the team rides for quite a bit longer but whether I can improve more over the next two months is not certain. Also I am showing very poor improvement on my times on Strava on my local hills which is concerning.  For example I did an effort of Del Valle climb on my Lemond back in January and repeated today with almost exactly the same pulse and did exactly the same time. I rode the TT back in March on my Road bike with aero wheels and helmet and only managed 31m46s.  This means in reality I would probably do about 32-33 minutes on the fixed. I am not able to put in the training like I used to and can’t push myself as hard but what I lose in speed I can make up for (to a certain extent) in Experience.  I have ridden this TT course about 30 times and experience has to count for something.

Best Times on Merckx Style Fixed:

Date Dist Time Speed Pulse Bike Race Time
8/24/14 11.1 0:28:36 23.6 169 Wabi SE (48 x15) Race (28:41)
8/10/14 11.1 0:29:10 22.8 154 Wabi SE (48 x15)
3/22/15 11.1 0:29:12 22.8 165 Wabi SE (48 x15) Race (29:18)

The above times compare to 26m49s on my Trek TTX TT bike.

I have a test TT course that I use to gauge my fitness and my best time on the Wabi is 17m14s.  My post stroke effort is 19m07s.  Just for comparison, on my Trek TTX TT bike I have done 15m45s which incidentally is still the Strava KOM.  I hope to improve by a minute over the next two months.

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