Power Pod 2

I must say that I have no complaints with Velocomp’s customer service and I would go as far as to say I am really impressed.  They bent over backwards trying to help me with my problems and despite me losing my receipt they sent me a brand new unit.  The good news is that the new unit seems to work good.  The numbers I see when riding stack up well with my power tap and stages meters and I get a warm fuzzy feeling for the data.

When I first added it I had a really hard time getting my Garmin to recognize it and I think I might rerun the calibration run as it started before I was actually ready.  I did my time trial course today and the power numbers looked really good compared to my Powertap. I still cant figure out how it works but it does.

I am still not very impressed by the calibration routine and it is quite complicated and not easy to figure out just where in the process you are.  My plan was to ride out to a local quiet road to do the calibration  but on this calibration it started as I was riding out of the drive.  In the past I have forced a recalibration by updating the parameters in the software but I have been unable to figure out how to do a recalibration with this new unit. Despite this less than ideal calibration the numbers look pretty good.

I never really expected to get great absolute numbers out of this solution but I was hoping for a good comparative tool.  If for example I did a practice effort on my local TT course on different days I would like to be able to compare the numbers.  With the new Powerpod it looks like I can do this.  As a bonus the numbers actually look pretty close to my other power solutions.  The two runs below were done 3 months apart but the weather was very similar.

Example :

Tesla – Mines TT:

  • Specialized Allez Roadbike (no aero) – 18m56s – 164BPM – 245W (Powertap)
  • Wabi Fixed Gear Roadbike (no aero) – 18m32s – 158BPM – 244W (Powerpod)

If I could get them to redesign it I would make a couple of changes.

  1. Have a dedicated power button with a beep confirmation. Have the current button just to start a calibration.
  2. Have the LED illuminated whenever the power is on.

I have only done about 30 miles with the new Powerpod but so far things are looking good.



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