Good Samaritan

On Sunday I had the misfortune of a flat some 25 miles from home on the Wabi Single speed.  I ran over something that made the tire go bang in a big way.  I checked the tire and didn’t see any glass so I put in the spare tube and pumped it up only to see the tube come out of a big hole and explode.

I noticed a huge hole in the tire so it was toast.  I had a tire boot with me but used both my C02 and my only spare tube. I tried for 40 minutes to ring my wife for a ride home but unfortunately her phone was off.  Eventually a nice cyclist in a pickup truck stopped and offered to run me home.  Bearing in mind this was at least a 40 mile round trip this was a very generous offer. He wouldn’t accept any gas money either.  Good people like him restore my faith in humanity.

Wear wise this tire was doing pretty good with 1332 miles on it before the catastrophic damage. Unfortunately Vittoria don’t do the Corsa CX anymore like this. I loved this tire because it looked just like a tubular and had a sublime ride.  In my humble opinion this is the best looking clincher tire created.  I ordered up the newer version of the tire which in my mind does not look half as good and has a wacky tread . It was but pretty expensive at around $70 list but I managed to get $10 off that price.  Just five minutes after ordering saw the same tires on ProBikeKit for way cheaper ($79 for a pair). DOH ! Incidentally this is the second CX rear tire that I have had fail in the same way.  They may be gorgeous but they are a bit fragile.


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