Tight Clinchers

My wife has some Campag Neutron wheels on her Colnago and they can be an absolute nightmare to fit tires on.  I broke two tire levers trying to get some Michelin Pro Race 3 tires on and completely failed with some Kenda Countach tires.  In the end I tried with some Continental GP4000S and it was a real struggle but they went on.  I was hoping that after a few hundred miles they would become easier to fit.

Unfortunately this week my wife flatted and was completely unable to remove the tire.  In the end some big burly bloke managed to get the tire off but it took two of them to get it back on and in the progress they nipped the tube. I googled the issue and it is pretty common for these rims and looked for a tire that people found worked.  I found the  Schwalbe Ultremo ZX got favorable comments.  Unfortunately the Schwalbe Ultremos are not made anymore and the only ones I can find cheap online are in ghastly colors or 650c.  I ordered some for a little more than I wanted to pay but at least they were in Black.

Fortunately I had an Ultremo ZX left over from my recumbent days in the garage  so I tried it out. I suppose I should have done this before ordering.  It really was pretty easy to fit (at least no more difficult than other rims) but it is Orange which doesn’t go with the bike at all. I hope these ordered Ultremo’s work as well.


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One thought on “Tight Clinchers

  1. Well after 2 months of waiting the Ultremo’s didnt show and I had a real challenge getting the vendor to refund my money. Turns out they were in China. Tried some top of the range Vittorias instead and they were not horrendous to get on. Time will tell if my wife can change them on her own. I use these same tires on my Fixed bike and they ride nice but cut easy.

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