Volagi Updates


The front wheel failed catastrophically on the Volagi when the nipples on the spokes started breaking.  I took it in to be repaired once and had several spoke nipples replaced but first ride afterwards and some more nipples broke. I realized the wheel was toast.  I have my fingers crossed that the back wheel does not go the same way.  I scoured the web sales to find a suitable replacement and came up with an Easton EA 90 XD. I got this on sale for a stupid cheap price of only $127 including Tax and shipping.  These wheels list for $439. Unfortunately they didn’t have any rear wheels.

Also the TRP HYRD rear brake has packed in again. This is my third replacement and the shop got it from has one out of business. I am seriously considering binning it and getting a mechanical brake to replace it.  On full the brake doesn’t have enough power to stop the back wheel.

I finally decided to dump the Challenge tires. The back one is pretty worn out after 1600 miles and I have had 8 punctures on this tire. In my whole life I have never had so many punctures on one tire.  I flatted on them today trying out the new wheel.  I will never buy these again.


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