2018 Goals

Normally my goals are full of racing but since I retired from that, I have different plans.  I would really like to do 10,000 miles for the year. This year I only missed that total by a few hundred so I think it is within reach. I would also like to complete all the monthly Strava Mileage and climbing challenges. Last year I got pretty close but a few mishaps prevented it (e.g. A bad car accident in September). It requires real commitment to do these challenges and requires typically 25 miles and 800ft of climbing every day.

2017 Results

  • January – Miles and Climb
  • February – Miles and Climb
  • March – Miles and Climb
  • April – Miles
  • May – Miles
  • June – Miles and Climb
  • July- Miles and Climb
  • August – Miles
  • September – Fail
  • October – Miles and Climb
  • November – Miles
  • December – Miles and Climb

I also have a rather silly climbing challenge. Although my days of attempting an Everest challenge in one day are long since past,  I would like to do it over the year.  The climb I have chose to do it on is offroad on the 0.8m 356ft Laughlin Ranch off road climb.  To achieve the required total would be 82 repetitions.

I reckon if I was actually Everesting this climb it would take me around 21 Hours !!!!

It is a tough 10 minute climb that can be ridden as a loop. My target requires the climb to be ridden twice per week. If we have bad weather , the clay nature of the climb makes it out of bounds. Back before my stroke I did this climb in 5m52s but now I am happy to break 10 minutes. The fastest time since my recovery is 8m42s.  Trying to do this adventure should help me to achieve the Climbing Challenge (7/12 in 2017). The climb is made hard by cattle that churn up the surface.

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