Ritchey Speedmax End of term

I got the Ritchey Speedmax 40c for my commute bike at a super cheap sale price of only $35 for the pair including tax and shipping.  I was hoping to get over 1000 miles out of them but was pleasantly surprised to get slightly over 2000 miles.  The tires have been ridden around 90% on road in all weather conditions with the exception of snow.  They have been ultra reliable.  I did not have a single puncture on these tires and my commute has lots of glass and debris. These tires ride OK ridden at 60PSI which is a bit less than the 75psi on the sidewall.  My only grumble with them is that they don’t really seem to be as wide as a 40c should be.





Although there is quite a bit of life (especially in the front) I wanted the reliability to continue. I Got a new pair for slightly more expensive $35.98 but still cheap.  Plan to keep these on for another 2000 miles.


Also it is worth reporting on the Excess 18t freewheel I fitted a while back.  Although this one hasn’t started slipping like the last one yet, the bearings feel absolutely terrible and it is making some horrible noises. These freewheels really do not seem to like wet weather riding. I think it is toasted but I am going to keep on riding until it starts slipping.  This is a very disappointing 956 Miles.

Finally I fitted fenders to the commute bike as I got sick of getting a wet rear end,  Wet roads and flooded underpasses really get you wetter than you have to.  Fortunately the Masi has huge clearances even with the supposed 40C tires. Hopefully me fitting these will stop the rain 🙂





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